About Us

Our mission is to make communities more livable, safe and comfortable by eliminating co-habitation of humans with roaches, ants and silverfish. This mission is achieved through an environmentally responsible product that is extremely effective in eliminating roaches, ants and silverfish.

The birth of Advantage 1000 bait paste was inspired over 25 years ago by a horrific experience while living in an roach infested rental apartment in Bridgeport, CT. We used every available insecticide on the market to resolve this problem. The roaches would go away for a few days to a week, then come right back and sometimes be even worst than they were before.

After countless attempts of trying to eradicate the pest ourselves, we decided to hire an exterminator; the results was the same, after the exterminator treated our apartment, the roaches would go away for a few days to a week, then come right back. By this time, it was quite frustrating and something had to be done. After extensive research on how to get rid of cockroaches and many different failures to be rid of these pest.

ADVANTAGE 1000 was born and proved to be the most effective product that ever graced the shelves.

Advantage 1000 is a family owned business.

We understand being TIRED OF ROACHES.