Insects are living creature, which one side may have advantages but they are creatures that are hated most. There are like hundreds of insects that are really disgusting and dangerous too, but among all those, which is the most hated insect? Everyone will have different opinions, but according to some surveys the most hated insect all over the world is Mosquito.

Mosquito belongs to insecta class and they are the inhabitant of complete world. They have like dozens of kinds. Moreover they are universally hated and present everywhere in the world; from one corner to other. We have a deep review about mosquitoes and why they are universally hated.

First of all mosquitoes are one of the deadliest animals on the Earth. They can carry any type of virus with them which becomes the cause of spreading deadly diseases. These diseases includes Malaria, Encephalitis, Dengue Fever and Yellow fever. They can also carry earthworm which can be very dangerous for your pets especially dogs. The yearly deaths caused by mosquitoes rank at number one. A single insect can carry multiple viruses with them and once they bit you, the virus is transferred to your body.

Secondly, you might know that only female mosquitoes would bite humans and animals. Male mosquitoes find their food from nectars of flowers. The reason for this behaviour is because female mosquitoes need to lays eggs and they have to take blood meal for this. Moreover mosquitoes eat almost anything from juices to nectar to human blood. Their life span is enough to create misery for mankind. Female mosquito lives from 2 to 100 days and male lives from 10 days to 20 days. Mosquitoes are on one side the most hated insect and on other hand they are most irritating one also. People usually feel annoyed by the sound they produce near ears. One another important thing that we should know that only we; the humans are not their primary targets. Their prey includes birds and herbivorous mammals. Mosquitoes are also prolific creatures and one female mosquitoes may produce 1,000 to 3,000 off springs during her life time. Thus they produce enough troubles for us in their life. One should keep precautionary measures to save themselves from the venomous attach of mosquitoes. Mosquito nets should be used, medicines and sprays should be spread across the living areas. All damp areas should be either filled or covered, as mosquitoes have their nests in damp and wet places. Lastly if mosquitoes are most hated and dangerous creatures, still we can stop them from interfering into our lives.