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fall under the insect category that boasts approximately 30 different species, and most of them are found in the human habitat. These insects are categorized into the orders Blattaria or Blattodea.

American cockroach

The American cockroach is scientifically referred to as the periplaneta americana or the waterbug colloquially even though the insect is not aquatic. The palmetto bug is the largest of them all and it is a common pest in most households. It is also referred to as Bombay canary, ship cockroach or Kakerlac. Mostly, the waterbug pest has been confused with the palmetto bug.

The American cockroach breeds in a temperature of 20-29 degrees Celsius or 68-84 degrees Fahrenheit and they have a nymphal development of between 5-12 months under less than 30 degrees Celsius and more than 25 degrees Celsius, which is more than 77 degrees Fahrenheit, and less than 86 degrees Fahrenheit. This pest ranges between 29-59 mm in size.

This cockroach thrives in crevices, wall cracks, basements, unkempt environments and crawl spaces. These pests can be annoying and embarrassing and it is only natural that you would want to get rid of them using a great eliminator like the Advantage 1000 paste. Baits include pest repellant sprays, pouring Boric acid in the cracks, crevices, basements and any other place that these pests love hiding in.

The German cockroach

The German cockroach is scientifically known as the Blattella germanica. It measures less than 2 centimeters long. Despite its name, this small insect is believed to have originated in Africa and ironically, it is now common in most American households. These pests thrive in various climates but are not tolerant of cold climates. During the wet seasons, these pests will live in the warmer household, restaurants, kitchens, food section in stores, bakeries and food processing factories.

The German cockroach is a nocturnal pest because it is not very active during the day and in populated habitats, however, it is most active during the night. This pest is one of a kind because once it is frightened, it emits a very unpleasant odor.

Homeowners look for ways to eliminate this pest. Some repellant aerosols are effective but I think Advantage 1000 paste is the best. However, most insecticide sprays just disperse these pests in any infested household. Latest entomology research from a Pennsylvania State College indicates that most repellant aerosols are not as effective as they only disperse these pests and not eliminate them.

The Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental cockroach is also known as the Blatta orientalis Linnaeus is believed to have originated either from South Russia or from Africa. However, this pest is known to terrorize many homes in most parts of southern America. With a body structure of a black beetle, this pest has been confused for a water bug because of its dark appearance in addition to a tendency of living in damp locations. This pest thrives in the outdoors, bushes, leafy areas, mulch and damp surroundings.