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Odorous ants, as their name suggests have an unpleasant smell. They are some of the most common uninvited guests that find their way into our houses. Getting rid of these ants may seem difficult. However, if you learn their behaviors, it will be easy to remove them out of their hideouts. Odorous ants are known to love sweet stuff so if you use sugary bait such as ADVANTAGE 1000, you can rest assured of eliminating them.

What you Need to Know about Smelly Ants

  1. As long as there are plenty of food and water resources, these ants will not mind being your housemates. Worker ants are able to locate grease, crumbs, food particles and food in open or partly closed containers. Therefore, if you want the ants to leave your home, ensure that your kitchen is clean at all times or invest in a tub or Advantage 1000.
  2. Many people call them odorous ant because of the nuisance body odor. If you squeeze one with your fingers and smell, you will realize that it exhumes the smell of a rotten coconut. This smell is meant to work as their security guard to alert other members of the colony that one of them is in trouble.
  3. According to some Extension Services, in the outdoors, the smelly ant will inhabit mulch, firewood and boards among other debris. You will also find them under stones, concrete slabs and sidewalks.
  4. Inside the house, they will live in wall voids, attic insulation, window frames and in the insulation among other areas. Owing to the abundance of food and moisture in the urban spaces these ants tend to flourish. Grzesiek Buczkowski an urban entomologist confirms that in the forest the colonies consist of just a few ants to100. However, in the urban areas there are lots of colonies with a number of queens and millions of workers. This kind of upsurge can also be attributed to the availability of space and absence of food competitors in the built up environment.
  5. Odorous ants are hardly where they have their homes. They prefer to stay outdoors running up and down. Those that lurk around your house are mature worker ants that are on an errand to fetch food and water for the queens, the young and the aged odorous ants.
  6. The ants are hard to kill unless you know their way of living and their feeding patterns or use Advantage 1000. Although odorous ants are a nuisance, Cisse Spragins the CEO of Rockwell Labs in North Kansas who specializes in pest control products says that ants are “main victims’’.